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Anthony Polloreno, Ph.D.

Research Engineer

Hello! Thanks for visiting. I am a mathematically-oriented research engineer, with over a decade of expertise in software engineering, machine learning and quantum computation. Generally, I work on projects involving the science, engineering and characterization of information processing systems.
Previously, I was a post-doc at JILA and CU Boulder, doing machine learning research. My focus was on understanding how noise impacts learning, with an emphasis on recurrent networks.
Prior to my post-doc I was a graduate student at CU Boulder working with Graeme Smith at JILA and with the QPL at Sandia National Laboratories, where I focused on machine learning and quantum information.
Previous to graduate school I worked at Rigetti Quantum Computing as a full stack software engineer, focusing primarily on the control software for operating quantum computers, and collaborating with Sandia National Laboratories to perform statistically rigorous characterization of Rigetti's devices.
Before that, I graduated with a triple major from U.C. Berkeley in computer science, mathematics and physics, and was a researcher at both Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory on beamline optics and Sandia National Laboratories on robust control of quantum systems.